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Other Mind, Body and Spirit events

We are happy to include a list of other mind, body and spirit events and fairs which are taking place across England throughout 2010.

Mind, Body and Spirit concerts

We are happy to promote a list of mind, body and spirit concerts which are taking place throughout the year.

Other Workshops

We have included a list of other workshops that we feel are worthy of a visit.


Other Seminars

Various seminars occur throughout the year, and we are pleased to promote them when asked.

Can you help?

Whether it is a small one-off event or a large scale project, every little help is appreciated.

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If you have an item of interest which you would like us to consider advertising:

  • Telephone or fax us on 01724 849886
  • Email us at bssk events
  • Write to us at:
    BSSK Events
    27 Ajax Court
    N Lincs
    DN15 8QH

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BSSK wishes to point out that the inclusion of any event, workshop, seminar or venture does not signify any endorsement.

BSSK shall not be responsible for any goods or treatment obtained as a result of persuing any of the links.