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angie jury"Past Lives" - Angie Jury

past livesTo quote the writer George Elliot, "Our deeds travel with us from afar, and what we have been makes us who we are".

Have we lived before and if so, how many times? How can we recognise our past lives in our present day character?

For some years I have been involved in assisting others to obtain their own evidence of their past lives, and it appears that the lives we have lived in the past each add something to our current life. We bring through personality traits, likes and dislikes, fears or phobias, looks, attractions, character traits based on experiences in our journey through the past and so on.

...the strong feeling could be a deep seated fear...

It is possible to recognise some of this for yourself. Ask yourself if you have a strong, inexplicable -'anything'. This may be a strong attraction or aversion to a place, a person or to a particular type of experience. Maybe you go week at the knees at the thought of confrontation, maybe you can't stand the thought of having to stay in bed through ill health. The strong feeling could be a deep seated fear which appears to have no real foundation or cause or a real phobia about something others view as totally irrational.

One young lady springs to mind in this context, who had a real debilitating fear of staircases. She could climb up one, but was completely unable to walk down one. She had to descend backwards on her hands and knees - you can imagine the problems that caused! She could have written the A-Z of shops and public facilities with lift! The phobia had its foundation in a life in France, when as a ladies maid in a chateau she fell down a flight of stone servant's steps with her arms full of linen and injured her back. The traumatic experience of being an invalid in those times, left its mark on her well into the current incarnation.

Interestingly, once she knew of the incident and passed the age at which it happened in the previous life, she began to find it lessening and reported her first ever descent of a staircase in the proper fashion! She was shaking from the ordeal, but she managed it - what a triumph!

...traits can be seen in our choice of hobbies or job...

Past life traits can be seen in our choice of hobbies or job, or in skills we may have that don't seem to 'fit' with those of other family members. Fascination with certain periods of history or historic events can be another give away, as can feeling 'at home' in certain places, having strong connection to certain friends or family members and so much more besides.

Consider the child prodigies who are able to compose music or play at concert standard from a young age - consider that this talent was acquired in a past life and has been brought through into the current one - could this explain the phenomenon?

What about the person who just adores the sea - loves to sail or just walk around harbours looking at the boat, but finds that this interest is not inherited from either parent or other family member - could this be a sailor from the past?

Then there is the person who returns year after year to the same holiday destination, feeling more at home there than in their own country - past life influence is probably at work here too.

...so just sit back and enjoy the ride...

I have a fascination with Elizabethan England - I read historical novels by the bucket load in my teens and can watch dramas about Elizabeth I or Henry IIX over and over again. Regression unearthed a life as the wife of a clerk in that era and my fascination with anything vaguely Ancient Egyptian proves to be from a life in that time period too. My irrational and debilitating fear of snakes comes from my death in that particular life - no I wasn't Cleo with her Asp, nothing as grand - I was just bitten by one in some long grass near a river. Umm, come to think of it, I don't like walking in undergrowth either!

During sessions with various clients I have discovered in so many cases, facets of their lives that have puzzled them and that have proved to have their explanation in their past lives. There was the lady who constantly moved home - as soon as she was settled in one place, she would lose interest and want to move on - no surprise to find she had been a gipsy in Spain in the 17th century! There was another who constantly cleaned house - an abusive husband from Victorian England who would look for any overlooked housework as the excuse to administer a beating was the root of that one. The lady who loved horses to the point of obsession and in whom this love had caused estrangement from her current life husband, tracked her obsession to lives as a groom, stable master and other horse related occupations in many past lives.

There are hundreds I could recount, all fascinating, but in summary, just consider, when a thing in your life seems inexplicable, irrational or completely at odds with the rest of your life, maybe, just maybe it belongs in a different one! If you decide to uncover your past lives, just a small word of warning please be sure you are fully ready to discover them - only do it because you want to, not because someone else has persuaded you into it. The information you uncover on the journey cannot easily be covered up again. In other words, be sure you really want to know. If you do, you will be embarking on the most fascinating journey you are ever likely to take and will understand yourself so much more fully at the end of it, so just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Angie Jury
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