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The following terms and conditions apply to all BSSK events for 2014.

Exhibitors, Stands, Stand Content & Activities

  • Bookings are accepted on the basis of the description of products and services entered on the booking form only. Any additions or alterations during the year must be notified to BSSK and approval obtained.
  • BSSK reserves the right to ask you to remove from display, any item not previously declared on the booking form or for which separate agreement has been obtained.
  • Lighted candles or tea lights may not be used on any stand, either as decoration or to display products. We recommend the use of battery operated t-lights if you need them to display goods.
  • Subletting or sharing of stand space is only permitted with the prior agreement of BSSK.
  • All exhibitors should act with consideration for others - their fellow exhibitors, the visitors to the event, BSSK staff and BSSK promoters. Please ensure activities on your stand such as music or the burning of incense are not an intrusion to others.
  • Where any stand is a mix or trading, reading and therapy, the higher rate will apply.
  • The use of paste and other tables to increase the depth of stands is not permitted. A table for this purpose may be booked on the booking form.
  • TWO chairs are supplied per stand. If you require more than this, extras are available at the event and may be requested from a steward or reception.
  • It is requested that care is taken in the placement of roll up banners and backing boards, so as not to block the view of the stand to the side of you.
  • A maximum number of two persons per stand are permitted. If you wish to have more than two persons, prior permission must be obtained and names must be logged at reception.
  • The use of Velcro, adhesive tape and drawing pins is not allowed on the fabric of the building at any BSSK event. Blu-tak is usually acceptable but care should be taken when using this not to do so on matt paintwork or wallpaper where it may leave marks. Any costs incurred from damage to a venue building from the use of these fixings will be passed to the exhibitor concerned.


  • By reader, we must now mean any exhibitor using mediumistic or psychic skill within their service, so all mediums, psychics, card readers, psychic artist, aura photographer or therapists using spiritual counselling as part of the therapy will now be required to follow the requirements for readers.
  • Only one reader is permitted per reader stand, unless by prior agreement.
  • The giving of readings on a retail or therapy stand is only permitted by prior agreement, as the number of readers is carefully controlled. The appropriate double stand reader/retailer must be booked.
  • Readers must take part in the Reader Feedback Scheme (see separate sheet), and are asked to actively promote this to their clients.
  • Readers must adhere to the BSSK code of conduct whilst participating in a BSSK show.
  • Reading prices must be clearly displayed on a price list on the reader table and the client should agree the price before the reading commences.
  • Readers should use appropriate disclaimers on their stand, record all readings and be aware of the responsibility of their position.
  • Appropriate professional liability insurance cover must be carried.
  • All readings must be recorded on CD.
  • The giving of any sort of reading to a person under the age of 18 years will not be permitted, without the written consent of a parent or guardian. This may prove difficult to enforce as it can be hard to judge the age of the young person. We will therefore say that proof of age must be sought if in any doubt that the young person is under the age of 18.

Insurance & Security

  • While every effort will be made regarding overnight security, no responsibility is accepted by BSSK or the venue for exhibitor's stock and equipment.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for the safety of their stands and their own insurance cover for stock and equipment.
  • Exhibitors must hold a minimum of £1m Public liability, extended to cover their participation at events. In addition to Public Liability, therapists must hold a minimum of £1m Treatment/Professional Liability, Readers must hold Professional Indemnity and Traders who manufacture, mix or apply products must hold products liability.
  • A current proof of insurance must be supplied to BSSK with the booking form.

Deposits and Payment

  • An initial deposit is required with the submission of the booking form. Please see the documentation 'Deposits ∓ Rolling Deposits' for details.
  • In order to help your cash flow, if booking more than two shows a 'roll over' scheme is operated. Details of how this works is listed on a separate sheet.
  • Payment in full for your stand is due no later than 8 weeks before each show, the payment date being advised on both the booking confirmation and individual invoice. New exhibitors and those booking less than 3 shows per year will also be asked to make stage payments as detailed in the sheet 'Payments & Stage Payments'.
  • Payment by credit/debit card is accepted by phone, or you may instruct us to hold your card details and debit it automatically on the due date if you wish.
  • Should you have reason to cancel your stand the fees for this are listed on the sheet 'Cancellation'.


  • All cancellations should be by telephone to give maximum notice. PLEASE NOTE, our office is unmanned from the Thursday prior to each event, so cancellations after 4pm on a Thursday for that weekend, MUST be made to the mobile phone on 07921 870999.
  • If cancellation instruction is given by e-mail or post, it will only be deemed as received if confirmed back to you by BSSK. If confirmation is not received, we have not received or processed your cancellation and it should be given again by telephone.
  • Please see sheet 'Cancellations' for details of charges payable in the event of cancellation.

Setting up / Dismantling

  • Exhibitor access for the setting up of stands is announced for each show individually.
  • After unloading, please move your vehicle away from the fire exits and if possible, park so as not to restrict visitor access to the venue or use up visitor parking.
  • Once the doors are closed at the start of the show, all access must be through the main entrance to the event and not through the loading doors or fire exits for reasons of security and safety.
  • We would ask that all boxes, bags and the like are removed from the gangways before 9.45a.m. on Saturday, so that the venue can be checked from a Health & Safety perspective prior to opening.
  • Exhibitors should be on site with drapes removed from the stand by 9.50am on Sunday.
  • Dismantling of your stand is not permitted until 5p.m. on Sunday evening, as early dismantling has an unsettling effect on the public and other exhibitors.


BSSK reserves the right to exclude any exhibitor without giving reason, although we trust this will never become necessary.

Legislation Compliance & Responsibility

All exhibitors should familiarise themselves with current legislation regarding their field. This applies to traders who should familiarise themselves with labelling regulations and weights and measures legislation for home produced products, therapists who should consult their professional body, and readers of all descriptions, who are now subject to changes under the law. They will find details on the Spiritual Worker's Association website or other similar sites.


Position cannot be guaranteed. While every effort will be made to accommodate such requests as "wall stand", "corner stand" etc., if demand exceeds availability, these will be allocated at the discretion of BSSK.

Electricity & Lighting

  • Electricity is made available at no extra cost, to every stand, but you are required to supply your own extension leads and adapters to reach the nearest supply point. All cables must be secured and taped down to prevent accidents and BSSK cannot accept responsibility for liability incurred from exhibitor's trailing cables.
  • Any appliances or extensions used should be in a good state of repair with no obvious defects and carry the appropriate fuse for the appliance.
  • All equipment should be PAT tested and carry the appropriate sticker. A copy of the PAT testing certificate should be available for viewing on request and submitted with the booking form, or before the first show booked.
  • A growing number of exhibitors are using the Halogen security style lighting. These usually come supplied with a 600kw, which has a heavy draw and is unsuitable for running through the extension cables supplied at most shows. Please replace the supplied bulbs with a maximum of 300kw bulbs.

Talks, Demonstrations & Workshops

  • All talks, demonstrations and workshops are presented free of charge to the public, with the exception of the longer, paid workshops at Manchester. These provide a great opportunity for you to promote your business and activities. We see the talks as an important means of educating and informing the public, and thank in anticipation those of you who give your time to do so.
  • If you wish to present a talk/demonstration/workshop at any of the shows, please complete this section on the booking form and return for our records with accompanying information if necessary. You will be contacted and offered slots at individual shows as the programme permits.
  • In the event of high demand, talk slots will be allocated at the discretion of BSSK.

Leaflets and other material

  • All literature on display must have been approved by BSSK.
  • There will be a designated area for leaflets. Please do not place leaflets elsewhere in the venue, including toilets, unless by previous agreement with BSSK. Fly posters are likewise not permitted unless previously agreed with BSSK and will be removed if found.

Children at shows

Children of exhibitors should not pose a nuisance or be disruptive to the work of others. The event is a place of work for all exhibitors and we ask that those with children do bear this in mind. If your children must accompany you to a show, please make sure that they are aware that it is a place where readings and treatments are taking place and where stands hold expensive items of stock. They are required to conduct themselves accordingly so as not to disturb the public (your customers) and other exhibitors.

Dogs at shows

The event is a place of work for all exhibitors and as much as we at BSSK are all dog lovers, we do not feel a show is an appropriate place for dogs. Therefore, if you are a dog owner, please make alternative arrangements for your pet.

Further information

If you wish to find out more about any of our events:

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