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Hat's off to you Angie & Chris, and all the BSSK team for a great Gorton Monastery MBS Show.

It is clear that you all put your heart and a lot of effort into organising a successful event for everyone, the public and exhibitors. It was interesting to read about all the advertising and promotional work that you do. BSSK is one of the better show organisers in our opinion. I think other show organisers could learn a thing or two from you.

The talk seemed to go well. Every seat was taken. We are grateful for this opportunity.

All the best with your other expo's. We look forward to working with you again. Kind regards,

Alistair, Huguette & Sue

Hi Angie and Chris, what a brilliant event at the Monastery. The air was buzzing and the people kept coming and it is such a special place.

Thank you so so much for the opportunity of an author stand and the talk, which I enjoyed tremendously. Deep thanks to you and your team for making such an event possible.

In deep gratitude,

Johanna Claritee

Hi Angie, Wow! What a fantastic experience! I am so pleased I went to The Monastery last weekend. By 4pm on Sunday I sold out of all the books I had, and almost ran out of my voice!

I arrived home in Bournemouth at 9pm. My head was still buzzing with all of the people I had met and the reaction of the people I spoke to.

Thank you once again! Wishing you well,


I had a lovely time (at Manchester) - and would like to thank you both for the hard work you put into these event... I believe they are better than some of the London shows have been for a few years...Much love,


Just to say: HUGE congratulations for Manchester Mega Success! And BIG thanks for all your hard work and great efficiency (as usual !), for putting it together!

My personal warmest thanks for giving me the opportunity to be there and to help those who came to me.


Thank you so much for all your hard work, Manchester was a great show. Hearing people chatting away about how they had enjoy their day or weekend, the talks and stalls was just lovely. One lady said it's the best in England!! Ii know how hard you both work to make this show what it is so thank you for the help you give to me.

Jewel Marie (Reader)

Just a quick email but sent with a very big thank you for allowing me to attend Manchester. It was excellent thank you and met lots of hopefully new customers. Many people had not used the Aura Sprays or thought of them so it is a good base to build on. I can appreciate all the hard work and organization you put in so once again thank you.

Angie W.

I had a terrific event and must thank you for such great marketing. The footfall was as promised and the people were genuinely thrilled to find my stand there.

I look forward to the next event in the Spring and would like to ask you in advance to be able to give a talk. Lots of people asked if I was giving one and for me, it's a terrific way to share my passion and motivation for increased health and vitality.

Congratulations on your successes. Best wishes,

Renee (Rawchi Food)

I just wanted to say that i took more money and had a more positive time at your 2 day Monastery event than the three days at Olympia London last weekend. So a big thank you!

Love, Sophie ( Chakra Jewellery & Silks)

Just a little note thanking you so much for a fabulous weekend. Not only was it extremely busy it was so enjoyable. Where you had put me was just right thank you. Thank you once again Angie,

Patricia (Reader)

Many thanks for a my best ever show I could have filled my sheet three times, I disappointed lot of people as they could not get in hopefully they will come back next year. I bet the numbers were up from last year.

Usha Henderson (Therapist)

I would just like to express my appreciation for the brilliant event you held at the Monastery on 14th/15th April.

It was the first time I have attended the event and I look forward to the October event. Amongst the many super workshops I attended, I was very impressed with the Mary Magdalene Flame Workshop, It was run by a lady called Nina.

Nina put a lot of effort into her work and I felt it only fair to say she is a very extraordinary and talented lady. It was a super weekend and one not to be missed. Thank you

Lesley Mattinson

I was the winner of the pair of beautiful citrine cathederals from the weekend event at Gorton Monastery. I just want to to say a really big thankyou, I am really enjoying having one in my home and one in my treatment room and they are indeed bringing all sorts of new and exciting things and people into my life. Thankyou so much for the lovely gift and for a fabulous weekend.


What a delightful show, well done, congratulations, by far the best organised, we would appreciate to be included for consideration for all you future shows, bless you all.

Ray Jenkinson

Hi Angie and Chris. Just a very big thank you for all the help and support you have shown us. I feel very honoured to be able to take part in such a prestigious event and so well organised. I am sure you are taking a day or two out to rest but wanted you to know your hard efforts are valued and appreciated. I was very fortunate to be in a high energy, relaxed and quiet corner, where a steady flow of clients came for taster treatments. I am now looking forward to my first Newark event in 2010.

I have one more event with Jewel to do at the end of the month - a fund raising event for charity and then it'll be the New Year!! I have a good feeling about 2010. Thanking you for providing such a beautiful space for me, I feel very uplifted if not physically shattered. Love always,

Vanessa and Antony xx

I would like to thank you for organising a BSSK fair at Gorton monastery 17th/18th October. This is the first of your fairs that I have attended and it was the best one, I have ever attended! The atmosphere and feeling was wonderful. It was noisy but a nice noise level. You were still able to talk to people without having to lip read and it was still private at the same time. everything was organised so well. I will definitely be attending another of your fairs.


I attended your festival today, with Clare (the Crystal Dragonfly) I have to say, it was the most amazing event, the energy that you put into the event really shone through, the venue is breathtaking. Every last detail was catered for, and the best thing ever, and I cant thank you enough for this, was the 'Cash Till Service' at the reception, what a fantastic idea, this made a massive difference to us, we made so many more sale because of this. I imagine Clare will also write or speak to you also. This was Clare's debut, I have done many different kinds of fairs, for all my experience, Clare couldn't have got off on a better start, she is so inspired, and most of this is down to the energy & faith that you have put into this event, so thank you again, you have helped me to help my friend gain confidence in herself and what she is capable of achieving. You are a star...

Alison Hamlin - Hughes

What an absolutely great fair. I did really well. Many thanks for the hard work and organization that most definitely went into it. Will be there at the same stand, next time. Fond regards,

Ruth Dallas (Crystal Lamps of Africa)

Many thanks for a great show at the weekend. Can I please book both the shows for 2010 in the same slot. Many thanks again and I look forward to seeing you in 2010.

Suzanne Sinclair

I just wanted to thank you for such a brilliant event at the Monastery on Saturday - it was wonderful! What a beautiful setting it was, so peaceful and spiritual. I spent two days recently at the big MBS event in Olympia which has to be the most unappealing venue ever - the Monastery was perfect.

I'm so pleased that I was able to give my talk in the end, and as you may have heard, it was apparently very over - subscribed. Many people came up to me to tell me they hadn't been able to get a ticket, which is so much better than talking to an empty room!

Anyway, thank you very much for such a lovely event, and all so beautifully organised. Bright blessings to you,

Kit Berry xxxx

Thank you for the email. Jessica and I are still buzzing from the fantastic time we had last weekend. We had been so excited and the weekend proved even better than we could have ever imagined.. I know I have already been in touch but just wanted to confirm my booking for next year and the same stands please.

Thanks again for letting Jessica and I be part of the your fantastic Gorton weekend.

Jo (Crystal Angels)

I would just like to pass on my thanks and congratulations for a hugely successful event! I found it to be very well organised, well supported and everyone who exhibited felt very positive about both the venue, and organisation of the days.

I would like to re-book a Cloister Stand (which was perfect for us) for the April show please. Kind Regards,


Just wanted to say a very big thank you for all your hard work (and I know it wasvery hard work) and a big thanks to Chris and your lovely helpers too. I had the best weekend - my workshop went well, I did some great reading to people who really needed the help and the place, well that just speaks for itself!

Thanks again Angie for all your hard work and you should give yourself a big pat on the back as you were marvellous. THANK YOU

Take care and get some rest, love

Jewel-Marie xx

Just a quick note to extend a huge "Thank you" to everyone from BSSK for putting this event together and making it so successful. This extends to the warmth of your welcome, the detailed information which made the whole experience so easy, your efficiency at the event and of course the amount of marketing and legwork put in beforehand which ensured the outcome. It was an amazing piece of organization and teamwork. I had a fantastic time and would be very happy to work with you again. Warmest regards,

Ros Coleman

We arrived at Gorton Monestry to a wonderful welcome, Abhay Rinpoche was excited and very pleased to be there, the room was fabulous and the atmosphere was lovely, we had lots of help all round, from the moment we arrived. and people were most interested in Ahbay Rinpoche. Angie had sold most of the tickets for the group puja's before we arrived, I can not thank angie enough for making it a most special weekend and we raised £2,314.00, for Ahbays people, and toward his new temple in the future. I have promised Angie I would come back next year and be a volunteer as a thankyou for all she has done. I wish her all the best for the future. SHE IS A VERY SPECIAL LADY. With kindest thoughts and regards,

Martina Baker

What can I say to do justice to your efforts to pull together that amazing weekend at Gorton! You have done us all proud and I suspect you have set a new precedent for what an MBS event should be. From the moment we arrived to the moment we left the energy felt high and vibrant. So many of my regular customers came and without exception they all categorically preferred the Gorton venue to the G - Mex!

I do not doubt that behind the scenes you and your team were all paddling like crazy to keep up with things, but whatever challenges the weekend threw at you, I am sure you dealt with them perfectly and you can make whatever tweaks are needed for the next time with confidence that your efforts will be appreciated.

Thank you so much for everything and for having the courage to do this for us. xxxxxxxxx and love and love and light and light xxxxxx,

Alison Knox

I am so sorry we were not able to have our usual "chat" but as you and I both know that when that is the situation it's because we are both busy! And wow dear where we busy! Well done on your advertising network, it certainly attracted the visitors! So many spoke to us and said that they were new to MBS events and also had never been to the Monastery so you had a double wammie! What an amazing place, and from our perspective was so easy to get to.

Once again dear congratulations on organising such a fantastic event (yours always are) but this one was exceptional - well done you and your team!

Much love as always,

Di Wall xxxxxx

Just to say what a fabulous event you had at Manchester. I thoroughly enjoyed it & it looked as though it was a massive success so Congratulations.

Love & Blessings

Pat Eickhoff - Health & Healing Festivals

Well, what can I say, I think it was the best show I have ever worked at. The atmosphere was magic, the people were all so lovely and "switched on". We both felt it was a joy working there and although we were shattered when we got home, it was a different sort of tiredness. Since then, I have felt quite energetic and happy. I hope it is the same for you! Your organisation was second to none and Chris, Phil and the rest of the helpers were wonderful too. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to be part of it and please God next year too! I hope we can have the same spot - we loved it!

All our love Andrea and Gordon Miles

Just wanted to say a really heartfelt "thank you" for the show last weekend at the Monastery. It was everything I always thought a MBS show should be, the support your team give the exhibitors is fantastic, the organisation is great and honestly such a refreshing change from other event organisers I have dealt with! The show itself was very successful for me, met some great people and made some good connections. Thanks again and look forward to working with you again in the future. Best wishes,


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