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A Show to Remember

A show to remember

We would like to share our experiences of the first time we hosted an event at this marvellous venue.

the monastery

It is hard to believe it is all over! Months of planning, hours of work and more nights burning the midnight oil than I care to remember, and the BSSK Mind, Body and Spirit show at The Monastery is now completed.

I won't say over, because unlike any other show in ten years, a week and a half later the phone calls and e-mails are still flooding in from both exhibitors and the visitors who attended. We usually get a flurry of these after every show, but by the Wednesday or Thursday, they are drying up. Not so this time! It seems that almost everyone who was a part of this incredible event was touched by it and many wish to share their story with us. I feel very privileged to have been selected to promote this show, and hope it will feature in the diaries of people for many years to come.

the monasterySometimes during setting up, things can get a little fraught, even with our spiritually in tune exhibitors. They have often travelled a long way and been up and on the road since the wee small hours, so allowances are made and the difficulties worked out to the satisfaction of all. This time, we didn't have any problems whatsoever - the whole show just fitted into place as if the building was happy to have us. I swear the pillars 'breathed in' to make things fit! I am sure the peace and tranquillity of the place had an immediate effect on the exhibitors, all of whom seemed to be in awe and not one fraught episode occurred. This has to be some sort of a record!

The show should have opened at 10am, but by 9.45, the queue was beginning to snake out of the car park and around the corner, so we started early. The day positively flew by and at the end, people simply didn't want to leave. The show ended at 5pm, but the last of the public and exhibitors eventually left at about 7pm. I have never experienced anything like it. Visitors had flown in from Ireland and Guernsey, travelled from up from London and Glastonbury and down from Scotland. It was as if the Monastery had called to them. I lost count of the number who said "I took one look at the advert and knew I had to be here!"

the monasterySunday began in the same vein and again, the building appeared to open its arms to us all and wrap us in a cosy blanket. We had one incident when the thicker smoke from burning resin triggered the fire alarm - but the staff dealt with it magnificently and the whole incident was completed and everyone back inside well within 15 minutes, probably less. The firemen who attended were enthralled and stayed nearly an hour. One was so hooked that he had to be hauled away by his colleagues! I must admit to having a handsome man in uniform holding her crystal ball had a somewhat flustering effect on one of our readers, but she recovered her composure and carried on in her usual professional manner. I have no doubt the memory will stay with her a while though!

The weather was even kind to us and many were able to enjoy the Archangel garden in the middle of the Monastery buildings. The catering marquee was positioned so access to the garden was available through it and many took their refreshments there.

We had two rooms of free lectures and four rooms of paid workshops running. In total, they offered 1,600 seats during the weekend and well over 1,500 of them were filled! People listened to lectures on various therapies, dowsing, dreams, meditation and much more. The mediumship demonstration was full, as were the workshops on Angels, Psychic Development and Creative Spirit among others.

Geshe Lama Ahbay Tulku RinpocheWe were honoured to play host to his holiness Geshe Lama Ahbay Tulku Rinpoche. Ahbay is visiting the UK on a mission endorsed by the Dali Lama to raise funds for a monastery in Tibet for the education and enlightenment of young monks. He conducted prayer Pujas and blessings throughout the weekend, and we are delighted to have helped him raise £2,314 to send back to Tibet.

The show was so successful for so many people, visitors and exhibitors alike, that we are running it twice in 2010, our tenth anniversary year as event promoters. The dates are 17th & 18th April and 2nd & 3rd October. The shows are already almost fully booked with only a few cloister stands remaining, so we now have the task by April of trying to improve on this wonderful start to what we are sure will be a long running event. Make a note of the dates - this is one you don't want to miss!

Please also read how this venue came to be in 'The Birth of an Event'.